London is not on pace to meet its current emissions target, a 60 per cent reduction by 2025. We call on the next mayor of London to pick up the pace – and provide a plan for how they could pursue an ambitious new target, for London to be a zero-carbon city by 2050.

This presentation-style report sets out nine 'Essentials' and 12 'Desirables' for the next mayor to deliver, if the 2050 emissions target is to be achieved. As well as providing benefits in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, many of these policies and investments will benefit Londoners by promoting economic growth, creating jobs, improving health and life expectancy, saving residents and businesses money and energy, and making London a nicer city to live in.

At the same time, London has a great opportunity to take a global leadership role in city-led climate change action, sharing with and learning from major towns and cities across the UK and internationally.

An earlier version of this pamphlet was published as a presentation in October 2015. Please note that the 'Essentials' have been reordered, and minor material changes made, in the revised version downloadable above.

A job description for the Greenest Mayor of London

The people of London are seeking a Mayor of London who will be the greenest mayor their city has ever seen.


  1. Renew London’s homes: Retrofitting for energy efficiency
  2. Keep the masses moving: Investing in the transit system
  3. Maximising London’s energy resource: A city-wide distributed energy network
  4. Get London cycling: Everyone who can cycle, does cycle
  5. The sun shines on London: Develop a city-wide solar strategy
  6. Carbon-free freight: Reduce the climate cost of delivery
  7. Cut emissions from car use: Drive the roll-out of ultra-low-emission vehicles
  8. Closed-loop London: Maximise the city’s resource efficiency
  9. Cool under the collar: Scale up workplace retrofitting



  • Convening climate action – the UK50
  • Re-parishing London
  • London’s share of green levies
  • Clean Finance Summit

Built environment

  • Cool London
  • Housing densification
  • London’s green space
  • Green streets


  • Battery city


  • Beyond diesel
  • Cycle bridges
  • Harnessing bio-fuels