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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR Commission on Economic Justice

About the Commission

"The country is rejecting an economic consensus that has failed, with escalating inequality and stagnating incomes. The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice is a crucial opportunity to set out a real alternative of a fairer economy that works for ordinary people. I strongly welcome it."

Rt Hon John McDonnell MP, 2016

IPPR has set up a landmark Commission to rethink economic policy for post-Brexit Britain.
The economy belongs to us all, but it is not working for everyone. Half of all households have seen no meaningful improvement in their incomes for more than a decade. Only London and the South East have seen a full recovery in economic output since the financial crisis. In a new IPPR poll only a fifth of the public said they think the way the economy works is fair.
The UK economy also suffers from significant structural weaknesses – low and declining investment, low productivity, a large balance of trade deficit and major fiscal and carbon gaps.
These problems suggest that the foundations of our economy need to be rethought. We need a new national economic vision and policy that can generate sustainable growth and broadly-shared prosperity.
The Commission on Economic Justice therefore aims to rewrite the rules for the post-Brexit economy. It brings together people from across society – from business and trade unions, civil society organisations and academia –, to examine the challenges facing the UK economy and make practical recommendations for its reform.

The Commission is non-party-political and has been welcomed by both Government and Opposition. Commissioners come from both sides in the EU referendum campaign.
The Commission will last for two years, publishing its final report in autumn 2018.