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Watch: Economic Justice for the Nations and Regions

The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice made the case for radical economic reform. This film is a summary of our national events series, engaging local policy communities and the wider public to...

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Episode 4: Women's Work - What’s care got to do with the economy?

The IPPR Economic Justice Podcast. How does the provision of care relate to the wider economy? And how can we address the imbalance in who provides care, and value care more highly? Host Carys...

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Episode 2: Tipping Point - Is a sustainable economy possible?

Climate and environmental breakdown is an unprecedented challenge that requires rapid change to our social and economic systems. So what alternate economic models are there? Hosted by IPPR Director...

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Episode 1: Power Play - Who holds power in the economy?

IPPR's Economic Justice Podcast. This episode looks at power in the economy. Who has it? Why does it matter? And what do we even mean by power? Hosted by IPPR Director Carys Roberts with guests James...

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Watch: A More Digital and More Just Future

By 2028, forecasts suggest that fewer than 1 in 10 UK consumer payments will be made using cash. The digital revolution in finance will transform our economy and shift the balance of economic power....

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Watch: Is the UK going cashless? - Rachel Statham on BBC World News

Is the UK heading towards a cashless society? Perhaps not yet, but how we pay is changing, with serious implications for the economy and our lives. IPPR Scotland Economic Analyst Rachel Statham...

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