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IPPR Centre for Economic Justice

Meet the Centre for Economic Justice team

Image of George Dibb

George Dibb

Head of the Centre for Economic Justice

Before joining IPPR, George was the Head of Industrial Strategy & Policy Engagement at the UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose, working closely with institute founder Prof Mariana Mazzucato, and UCL Public Policy. He was the secretariat of the UCL Commission on Mission Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy (MOISS) and the UCL Green Innovation Policy Commission. George’s role involved working with the UK government on implementing an industrial strategy and collaborating with the European Commission putting ‘missions’ at the heart of the €100bn R&D program Horizon Europe.

George joined UCL in 2018 from the cross-party think-tank Policy Connect having previously worked in industrial, technology, manufacturing & innovation policy. George holds a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London in novel photovoltaic technologies, and previously worked as a research scientist at the National Physical Laboratory.

George’s interests include:

  • Industrial strategy
  • Innovation policy
  • R&D, science, and innovation
  • Sustainability and climate change
Image of Carsten Jung

Carsten Jung

Senior Economist

He is also a lecturer in economics at University of Bayreuth in Germany. Before joining IPPR, Carsten worked for 6 years at the Bank of England. There he first worked on international macroeconomics and financial regulation, then led their work on financial risks from climate change. Carsten went on to lead the Bank's work on regulating artificial intelligence.

Carsten also previously worked at the International Monetary Fund on fiscal policy. He holds a Masters in Economics from Warwick University, a Masters in Economic Sociology from LSE and a Bachelors in Philosophy & Economics from University of Bayreuth.

Image of Henry Parkes

Henry Parkes

Senior Economist

He also provides analytical support to the work of the wider institute and leads on the IPPR Tax-benefit model. 

At IPPR, Henry has worked on a range of topics spanning labour markets, welfare, tax and industrial strategy. He specialises in quantitative methods and has experience in a range of analytical techniques including forecasting, policy costing, regression analysis and microsimulation modelling. He has also led qualitative research.

Henry has written about economic policy for the Independent, New Statesman and Left Foot Forward.

Prior to joining IPPR in 2019, Henry was an Economic Advisor in the Government Economic Service. He holds a first-class BSc in Economics from the University of Nottingham.

Image of Shreya Nanda

Shreya Nanda


Shreya joined the IPPR in 2019. Before this, she was part of the Government Economics Service, providing advice and analysis on housing, transport and food standards. She has experience of analytical techniques including cost-benefit analysis, forecasting, impact assessment and regression analysis.

She has also worked on research on international development for the Africa All-Party Parliamentary Group, the World Health Organization, and at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi.

Shreya has a particular interest in land and economic rent. She holds a BA in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

Image of Rachel Statham

Rachel Statham

Senior Research Fellow

IPPR Scotland

Rachel’s research focuses on progressive solutions to public policy challenges in Scotland, specialising in economic and social policy, gender and devolution. Rachel is an experienced quantitative and qualitative researcher, and has led research on social security, inclusive growth, and the economic impacts of automation and technological change.   

Rachel has appeared on UK and national broadcast media, including BBC News, BBC Scotland and Radio 5Live. She has written for a range of online and print publications, including for the Independent, Tribune, and the Scottish Anti-Poverty Review. Rachel is also an editor of IPPR's journal of politics and ideas: Progressive Review.  

Rachel joined IPPR in 2018 as an Economic Analyst working across the Centre for Economic Justice and IPPR Scotland. She previously worked on policy and campaigns at the newly-founded Women’s Equality Party. She holds an MSc in Comparative Public Policy from the University of Edinburgh and BA in History from the University of York.  

Image of Lesley Rankin

Lesley Rankin


Lesley is currently working on the programme of citizen jury Climate and Fairness Panels for the Environmental Justice Commission, and has a particular interest in qualitative methods. Other work has focused on justice in the economy and the implications of environmental breakdown for various areas of policy. She has written for a range of publications and her research has generated front-page headlines.

In 2019 Lesley was on sabbatical at the European Parliament in Brussels, working on the Green New Deal at the European level. Before starting at IPPR in 2016, she volunteered for Edinburgh equality charities. Lesley holds an MSc in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh, and a BA in French and German from the University of Exeter.

Image of Emma Killick

Emma Killick

Programme and Stakeholder Officer

Emma’s work for the EJC includes coordinating the citizens’ jury meetings, project managing the research programme and communicating with stakeholders.

Prior to joining the EJC, Emma managed the output and communicated the activities of the Centre for Economic Justice and the Commission on Economic Justice.

Emma joined IPPR in January 2018, bringing with her a range of experience in campaigning, communications and administration. Before joining IPPR, Emma was senior communications officer for the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, a membership organisation working to develop ICTs throughout the Commonwealth. She has also worked as a public affairs officer for Shelter and Greenpeace.

Image of Jacana Bresson

Jacana Bresson

former Events & Engagement Officer

Jacana joined IPPR in February 2019 to lead a series of events across the regions and nations of the UK, designed to engage local policy makers and the wider public with the recommendations from the landmark IPPR Commission on Economic Justice. She is now working with the Environmental Justice Commission, helping to make sure that people are at the heart of the transformation to a net zero economy.

Prior to this, Jacana worked at The Telegraph where she organised high-profile, topical events uniting both public and private sectors and working closely with senior journalists from across The Telegraph. 

She has a triple MA in French, Russian and Spanish from the University of St Andrews and spent a year studying abroad in Russia during her time at university.

Image of James Meadway

James Meadway

Associate Fellow, Centre for Economic Justice

He was previously economic advisor to the Shadow Chancellor, and chief economist at the New Economics Foundation. He is currently writing a book on the British economy after the 2008 crisis, and appears regularly on broadcast media as a commentator on UK politics.

James holds a PhD in economics from the University of London, masters degrees in economics and economic history, and a BSc in economics and economic history from LSE. He has taught at SOAS, City, Cambridge and Sussex Universities.