Migration Policy Unit

Our journey to build a fairer immigration system

The Migration Policy Unit is working with organisations in the migrants’ rights sector to provide policy analysis and advice on issues related to immigration and integration.

Through research, engagement and convening, we aim to work in collaboration with others to deliver a fairer and more just immigration system.

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  1. Grasping the nettle: Migration and asylum policy in the next parliament

    This blog looks at the big six questions facing the next government on migration and asylum policy.
  2. Forging ahead: Deciding the direction of IPPR's Migration Policy Unit

    In our last blog post for the Migration Policy Unit we shared our new way of working as we endeavour to be inclusive and transparent in our policymaking process. In this blog we set out what our first and flagship project is for the policy…
  3. Costing the Rwanda plan

    Total payments to Rwanda for removing this cohort of people could range between £1.1 billion and £3.9 billion.
  4. The asylum backlog: Job done?

    This blog post sets out how the department must now grapple with a new set of backlog challenges.
  5. An illustration of a woman looking anxiously at a notice board of job vacancies which is covered in question marks.

    Making strides: Refugees’ employment trajectories in Yorkshire and the Humber

    This study is concerned with the job progression opportunities that are available to refugees and people with humanitarian leave.
  6. Charting new waters: A progressive policy response to the Channel crossings

    This report outlines the concrete steps which the government can take to mount a progressive and pragmatic response to the Channel crossings.
  7. A new way of working: The idea behind the policy unit

  8. The asylum in-tray in 2025

    With a general election expected in the next 12-18 months, the UK’s asylum system is in crisis.
  9. What would the illegal migration bill mean in practice?