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Inside madrassas: Understanding and engaging with British-Muslim faith supplementary schools

Madrassas are a significant part of many British communities and feature strongly in the lives of most Muslim children in the UK. But relatively little is known about how they operate and the impact they may have on pupils and communities.

At present, there is a significant lack of understanding among policymakers and the wider public about madrassas. Very little of what features in public debates has been generated through rigorous research. The main source of public information stems from the media.

This report attempts to fill to gaps by providing new evidence about how British madrassas work, the impact they have on local communities, and their role in the educational, social and religious development of children.

The report investigates the three important challenges that face madrassas in the UK:

  • Lack of evidence about what work madrassas do and how they work
  • Concerns about the impact of madrassas on community cohesion and radicalisation
  • The influence of madrassas on children's education and welfare.