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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR Scotland

About IPPR Scotland

Established in 2015, IPPR Scotland is based in Edinburgh and conducts research and influencing work across the full range of devolved areas in Scotland. We are part of the UK-wide IPPR family, which was founded in 1988.

As one of the few think tanks in Scotland, we have grown our dedicated research team to become one of the leading policy organisations in Scotland, successfully working to deliver impactful research and progressive policy solutions across many policy areas. In our time we have focused on Scotland’s newly devolved tax and benefit powers, Scotland’s budget, building an inclusive economy, skills and education and poverty and inequalities.

As a think tank we exist to connect evidence and ideas into policy making and we see our role as contributing to making a difference - not just in terms of decisions, but also in terms of delivery on the ground, that changes peoples’ lives in a way they can see.