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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR Scotland


Strengthening the think tank sector in Scotland

This report considers the think tank sector in Scotland, its history and potential ways to strengthen the sector in the future.

Publication Report Devolution & local leadership Scotland Third Sector IPPR Scotland

Shaping the future: A 21st century skills system for Wales

Wales faces significant disruptions over the coming years. With fundamental change comes the risk of new inequalities but also the opportunities for far-reaching reform. While global and UK-wide...

Publication Report Jobs & skills Wales IPPR Scotland

A 21st century skills system for Wales: Challenges and opportunities

Wales is at the centre of a number of significant disruptions likely to bring long-term changes for its people and economy. Some of these are global in nature, such as automation and technological...

Publication Report Jobs & skills New Skills at Work Wales Population and demographics IPPR Scotland

How productivity could deliver inclusive growth in Scotland

The UK economy has struggled to maintain productivity growth since the financial crash in 2008. Despite catching up with UK pay and productivity levels in the first decade or so of devolution, more...

Publication Report Economy Scotland IPPR Scotland