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A progressive future for income tax in Scotland?

The Scottish government begins the budget process for Scotland on 12 December 2018, publishing its draft budget for 2019/20. This will see the Scottish government set out its plans for devolved taxes...

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What does the Commission on Economic Justice mean for Scotland?

The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice was established in autumn 2016 in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. This briefing outlines some of the potential implications for Scotland...

Publication Briefing Economy Commission on Economic Justice Scotland IPPR Scotland

The skills system in Northern Ireland: Challenges and opportunities

The skills system will be crucial to meeting the challenges and changes facing Northern Ireland in the coming years. The skills system, through its learners and the employers it works with, can be...

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Scotland, the UK and Brexit: A guide to the future

Edited by Gerry Hassan, leading Scottish commentator, and Russell Gunson, Director of IPPR Scotland, Scotland, the UK and Brexit: A guide to the future is a collection of essays aimed to provide...

Publication Briefing Power & politics Progressive Brexit IPPR Scotland

Autonomy in the right place: School governance reform in Scotland

In the Scottish education system, there is a persistent gap in attainment between pupils from the highest and lowest income households. Closing this poverty-related attainment gap is a national...

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