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IPPR North publishes high quality, independent research rooted in robust evidence and our deep understanding of England's regions.

On this page you will find reports and briefing papers that provide the evidence needed to realise economic, environmental, social and democratic justice for communities across England.

Our latest publications

  1. Parallel lives: Regionally rebalancing wealth, power and opportunity

    This report addresses the urgent need to reduce regional inequality in the UK, and distribute wealth, power, and opportunity more fairly across the country.
  2. State of the North 2023 - Looking out to level up: How the North and the UK measure up

    This years State of the North report draws from international experience to show how the UK's regional inequality is not inevitable.
  3. Watch: Zoë Billingham on BBC discussing levelling-up

    Zoë Billingham, director of IPPR North, on BBC Politics discussing our latest State of the North report.
  4. Promises for the North: Analysing local parties’ pledges at the 2023 local elections

  5. Working well: Improving work & health in the North East

  6. State of the North 2021/22: Powering northern excellence

    This year’s State of the North report highlights the gap between promises and reality on levelling up.
  7. What should a North East child poverty strategy look like?

  8. The hydrogen powerhouse?: Demystifying the North's hydrogen economy

    This report aims to identify the true potential of the UK’s hydrogen economy, demystify the role that hydrogen will play in helping the UK reach net zero and evaluate the current state of play of hydrogen development in the North.
  9. Zoë Billingham, director of IPPR North, on Channel 4 News discussing levelling up

  10. Prioritising child poverty this party conference season

  11. State of the North 2020/21: Power up, level up, rise up

    In this year's State of the North report, we set out some of the ways in which the North’s economy does not, currently, create the conditions for a good life for everyone in the region – and how a truly ‘levelled up’ North might look.
  12. Rethinking levelling up: Caring for place, empowering connectors, and redesigning our culture of governance

    This paper critically assesses the unfinished governance processes of levelling up, challenging the traditional orthodoxy of territorial government in the UK. 
  13. Explainer: Inside the new North East devolution deal

  14. ‘Levelling up starts with people at the bottom’ – a vision for a levelled up Stoke

  15. £560 million in levelling up funding lost to inflation

  16. Community led levelling up – insights from Redcar

  17. High standards: Developing a property improvement model for the private rented sector in Greater Manchester

    In this report, we have sought to develop a financial model for improving properties in the private rented sector in Greater Manchester. 
  18. Ryan Swift reflects on the 8th anniversary of the Northern Powerhouse