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Natural Assets North: Flooding in the North

Flooding in the north of England is an urgent and important issue. The month before this report was published, parts of South Yorkshire, as well as Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire...

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The Devolution Parliament

The next parliament will find itself once again dominated by Brexit – whatever the result of the General Election. The main risk is that, in doing so, Westminster will yet again be incapable of...

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Natural Assets North: Water in the Northern Powerhouse

Without a reliable and sustainable supply of clean water, and effective and efficient wastewater systems, activity in the Northern Powerhouse would quickly grind to a halt. To date, conversations...

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Transport investment in the Northern Powerhouse: 2019 update

Transport investment is crucial for the north of England. Every region needs a reliable and effective transport network for people to live and work, but the North – with its five major cities, 265...

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The Northern Powerhouse: 5 years in

Background The Northern Powerhouse agenda turns five years old this weekend. Like any new government programme it has attracted cynicism, but many saw as a great opportunity for the North of...

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