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  1. A medical professional speaking to a patient

    Broken hearted: A spotlight paper on cardiovascular disease

    Progress on cardiovascular disease was a significant driver of better health and prosperity in the latter half of the 20th century, however progress has recently stalled – with indications it may be in reverse.
  2. A group of people in a UK community centre

    Healthy places, prosperous lives

    The UK is getting poorer and sicker, and this trend is not equal across the country. Poorer and sicker areas are getting poorer and sicker the most quickly.
  3. For public health and public finances: Reforming health and social care

    People are spending more years in sickness than ever before.
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    New analysis on the impact of healthcare disruption, and how healthcare needs to change as the NHS turns 75
  5. Healthy people, prosperous lives: The first interim report of the IPPR Commission on Health and Prosperity

    How better health could provide an answer to some of the UK's most deep-rooted economic challenges.
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    In this report we explore the most pressing bottlenecks in the elective treatment pathways. 
  7. Vacci-nation: A case study in health and prosperity

    The Covid-19 vaccination has again demonstrated the value of vaccines – to lives, livelihoods, and national prosperity.
  8. Getting better?: Health and the labour market

    In this report, we set out a framework to begin informing the policy response to improve population health, and limit harm caused by illness.